Wednesday, August 27, 2008

27082008 - Farewell Party

Thanks a lot..sorryla dh dapat farewell gift tp tak jd resign..hehhehe

Salam di petang rabu ....cuaca diluar hujan lebat pulak, nak balik sure heavy traffic jam so leh la coretkan sikit2 for my blog..

my couliques organize the farewell party for me..really thankful to them!!Really appreciate all those nice food!

Arop start to give his speech..biasala sapa tak kenai arop ngan gelagat kelakar dia, followed byEn MadNoor my x-bos, really touching! Yes, u r true bos, outside the office we are friends..this different scenario make us to be different kind of person!

I have been in Dtech about 7 years and 6 months! quite a long journey many experiences I have gained...memories are there...friends forever!!

I couldn't even give a few words for them just now...air mata ni taktahan la pulak...

I could only say THANKS and good luck for the Hicore project...frenz I do hope that u guys struggle and struggle to make this project works ok! GOOD LUCK TOO.....!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Weekend Routine Now..

Finally it is OURS!!

View from the Guard House.

Front View of the 'cute' house..:p

Tisya's Favorite..

Tisya gaya bertudung


Lately our weekend routine would be visiting our new house at rawang...after having our breakfast we all will straight away go and have a visit there...

We received the letter from the developer and they've stated that the bank already made the payment to them and we got the key. We were so excited to move in quickly to the point that every sunday we went to see our new house!

Luckily, now we can staright away park the car at the porch and start do the inspection. Some minor comment had been made and they will take the action later.Tisya was so excited, she screamed from one room to another..:p

As my hubby busily enjoying the interior and examining it for flaws, i am measuring up and down for the curtain mom also excited waiting for me to give the curtain measurement!:)

Currently the house is fully with dust because the construction is in progress. We didn't spend so much (is it???) for the major construction, but just the 'basic' renovation..grill and kitchen..eventhough it's just the basic reno but the total prices is not basic okay!!all the prices going up drastically recently...

nak wat camna kan...hopefully what we had spent really worth!Insyallah..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Cantik kan tarikh nie 20082008???
ermm tiba2 rasa nk update something in my blog..actually i dont have any intention to write about but..suddenly I am thinking that I shud write...

errmm...actually I felt quite headache in drafting my thesis..please help meeee!!!baru nk draft dah pening2...bila malam nk tidoq pun asyik dok pikiaq jer pasai punya pk sakit kepala..bila sakit kepala mulala cari balm!!adehhh...tak baik mengeluh org tua2 nila hakikatnya..bukan nk berselindung tp realiti...

thesis ni actually dah pikir in fact dah draft about a year..but this is the time i have to start all those things...hopefully I might complete my thesis by next semester!!please whoever come across my blog, do pray for me ok? thanks guys!!!

Now, my family,my hubby and my dotter Tisya are my inspirations..without them I m really 'sick'..hubby, thanks for your support to make me continue my study..I really appreciate it..U have sacrifice a LOT!!Thanks again!!

Sometimes, mengadu gak kat mak..yerla kalau boleh takmaula org tua risaukan walhal bukan ada apa2 pun..cuma kadang2 tu risau dok pikiaq boleh ker buat ni...

sekarang, apa aja yg Allah nk bg ujian dan dugaan, terpaksa akur dan terima..hadapi dengan Kuat..semester ni dugaan yang Allah berikan mmg 'pedih','tersentuh' tp dengan dorongan suami alhamdulillah diri ini sabar sepenuhnya...Amin..

Permudahkanla perjalananku dalam menuntut Ilmu ini....

Seminggu lagi nk resign daripada Dtech yg telah hampir 8 thn+ di sini..Finally I change the field from industry to an education..memang dari dulu cita2 nk jadi tenaga pengajar, insyallah harap2 dpt tercapai hajat sekian lama....banyak lagi masa nak di tempuh before nk jadi pendidik ni...rasa2 dlm 5-6 tahun lagi..ohhhh umur dh makin meningkat.....apa2 pun tk kisah la..janji dapat berkongsi pengalaman selama ni.....Banyak pengalaman DTECH yg dapat dan menerusi pengalaman ni lah, idea utk buat my thesis muncul...thanks Dtech!

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to us!

Alhamdulillah our marriage to this date (19 August 2008) is 3 years. All the journey throughtout our marriage was so meaningful to us!

Thanks for being such a wonderful hubby to me and bapa to our dearest princess Tisya!

This month onwards (maybe up to may 2009) will be kind of 'killing year' for me coz this will be the time I have to complete my dissertation.
Sorry to hubby and Tisya..maybe lepas kita settle semua pasai umah ibu kena pulun lak for ibunya thesis..skrg ni takleh nk focus lagi sebeb tengah excited nk pindah umah.

tapi lepas ni takleh lengah2..I have met the supervisor once and a feww research need to be done...gabra really2 hope all those things will flow smoothly.Harap2 Allah perkenankan doa2 ku selama ini..Pengorbanan terhadap keluarga terutamanya akan dirahmati dan diberkati.Amin.

To my husband: Tima kasih banyak2 atas segala pengorbanan yg telah dilakukan, jaga tisya, bancuh susu tisya dan bnyk lagi..insyallah kita susah sikit yek dlm setahun ni??
"Bukan senang unuk senang"...banyak pengorbanan dan dugaan harus dilalui....