Monday, December 21, 2009

long holidays..

My Sis's Wedding pictures...:)

salam ...rasanya dah lama tak menulis and paste pix kat blog ni..bnyk sgt pix nk upload coz I went fro a week break for my sis's wed and attended conferences here and there. Finally my sis EVIYANTI selamat diijabkabulkan bersama pasangan nya Mohamad.. Thanks for those who attended the ceremony. Also john and jawa!
Bfore that, attended the conference on Kreatif Multimedia Digital Content Conference kat The royale chulan hotel KL.mmg best giler..all the speaker came from all over the world. In fact the Director of Kung Fu Panda also came. teh Director of Upin Ipin pun turun padang to share the experiences.
after that, again I attended the conference " 3rd Asia Pacific Mobile Learning Edutainment conference" at Midvalley for 2 days.It was a good conf yet gave a positive input to me too..sempat gak g beli kasut sepasang..:)
Gambar2 nnt la upload..letih coz need to prepare the reports for those conferences I did attend..owhhhhhh nooo....paling malas nk menulis2 yerla dh pihak uni sponsor sah2 nk tgk feedback from teh staffs right..huhuhu
perkembangan anak2 ku lak: si kakak i already registered at Smart Iqra'. pening gak kepla ni bila nampak makin 'macam-macam songeh' dia bila balik dr taska..we think that we shud send her to this kind of taska at least to gain ilmu agama..biasala ajar kat umah dia main2 eventhough suka blajar last week we met her teachers and settled down all the fees..mak aiiii zaman skrg mmg DUIT DUIT DUIT. we have to spend more to kakak tisya this time...half day at smart Iqra' another half day for the transit...the price for half day and full day not much different okkkkk..just the diff only rm20!!!!tak masuk akallll??mmg kaya la org nursery nie..full day rm200, half day rm180???patutker...apap2 pun hope the can give the best attention to the kid.yerla nk demand2 payah zaman kita keje nie, we have to sacrifice all theseeee....Adik si danish pulak makin lasak and tak larat nk ligan dia dh....and kalau letak dlm baby court mmg jenuh nangis nk kuar...huhuhuhu...apa2 pun we love both of you!!!!