Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cartoon: Strawberry Shortcake

8 months old! Dah terror posing..

like to watch the strawberry shortcake cartoon..tiba2 ja mcm cute sgt character budak kecik tue..all the stuff based on the strawberry..especially kat rumah, katil, interior diaa...adoii comel, now, batrisya again will be the victim! :p
Batrisya is 8 months already...adala dah nampak perkembangan si kecik nie...Firstly, she like to play with handphone and remote....kalau dpt handphone mmg suka sgt and when she'd holding the remote, directly she will point to the tv...amboi dh pandai nk nengok tv...lagi satu..pantang dgr any iklan especially with the music..mulala tergoyang2 badan nie she is really love to hear the iklan on Lasindah Cafe! Oh no.....taktaula pulak dlm bnyk2 ilan dia suka sgt...maybe pasrt the song yg last sekali or maybe she like to see m rajoli!!!!!!!
hehehhehe......skrg ni batrisya dh tak suka stay inside her walker...she rather stand aside the walker...jumpa jer any object that she can stand on, she will do it so....she like to play with books too....pantang jumpa kertas! when i study, she will 'study' with me too..:p
This is the best time that I see her growth!! Hope that she will feel good/healthy in all the conditions..InsyaAllah..Amin.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lamanya meninggalkan blog like a bee!

Hi ...lama gak tak update blog aka album baby...yerla basically blog ni i think for virtual ideas to put on things here....batrisya is growing up..she's now 8 months..and my final coming soon..pejam celik pejam celik nak habis dah satu semester...penat jugak..sometime i just realized that my dotter must be closed to her mama (babysitter)..even the first word comeout from her was 'mamamamama'..oh no! my hsbnd and me just terdiam tak terkata..but thats teh long she spend her one whole day with me and her babysitter? by 8 am dah kat umah babysitter and now nih i picked her up around 8-9 pm. ! and about 1-2 hrs she will go and sleep..sedihnya rasa tp nk buat macamna kan...weekend jerla masa nk bersama ngan batrisya...

Yesterday was the final proj submission and presentation..lega lepas ni just wait to sit for the final exam..tak sabar nak habis this sem....and one more thing that i think i missed was my outing with wan, elly, fida and aneh...guys.bila lagi nie....lama tak borak2...batrisya dh besar so, boleh join kiter dah..:p

So, i think that all for today...coz i feel so happy this morning and i take the opportunity to update my till then..bye..