Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Priceless moments ever...:(

Alhamdulillah ..finally I found these priceless pictures from my friend's FB. we were x-KTM friends..The quarters looked like the pic. Itula kenangan yg tak dapat dijual beli...rumah kakitangan KTM sejak 1976 mak dan bapak kawin kami tinggal di 179 Jalan Coope Perai. Then in year 1986 we moved to 36 Jalan Ashworth.The last house while we were in KTM quarters was no 7 Jalan Port Perai. More pictures hope will be added. :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Self-Reminder for me> 2 weeks for the Viva-Voce

Assalamualikum...after a year been here as a student, now is the time for my mini viva. Alhamdulillah may Allay ease my journey now and after. The viva-voce here at my University, act as confirmation process within a year of full time research student. The purpose of this process is to support candidates in the early stages of their candidature. It allows candidates to receive objective confirmation that their research direction is sound, the methodologies appropriate and the standard of writing satisfactory.This viva also help the student for the next phase of journey of research writing , literature and design. As my supervisor said, 'you dont have to worry about this. It just wanna know your research objectives, the gaps and your contribution for this research'. How great I wish I will be, InsyaAllah.. Thank you for my dearest husband for all his support, the kids who made my wonderful and cheerful days ever, mom who will always pray for my best and also my dearest supervisor for his all supports. May all of these will be granted by HIM, ameen. What I have gained so far was so meaningful even though not that success as others but I really value those memories. When I joint the university last October, two weeks after that I have been asked to joined the conference here at NTU which think it was a great pleasure for me a a new candidate. It was a great experience ever! May 2013, I received a feedback from my PreLiminary Data questionnaires from NTU and UPSI Malaysia. The analysis take place then.. July 2013 my supervisors and me went for the CAS HUB workshop whereby we met many people around Europe who shares their experience especially computing in learning which so closed with what I am doing right now. In September 2013, my supervisor told me that I am now ready for my first conference in Barcelona,Spain next April 2014. Alhamdulillah syukur(this wish just came to my mind a day before I met him) ALLAH FULFILLED MY WISH! :)Ameen. In October 2013, completed my conference paper and ready to submit.Alhamdulillah. ameen...Also I really appreciate my good friends in Malaysia help me distribute the questionnaires fro their students and my sv really appreciate that moreover he looked so happy with my effort so far, again all these journey supported 100%++ by HIM Ya Allah. Hopefully the next stage which I think more challenging phase will go smoothly and success at the end of the journey, ameen. This is my other half that always inspire my life, always be a good hubby, father ever...TQ abang for your understanding.
My Precious :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

US :)

Asyik gambar anak2 jer..bagi chance for us to pose :) after 8 yrs together..we get more 'matured' with our life...too many obstacles along the journey but alhamdulillah we manage to handle those things..Allah menguji hamba2Nya yang mampu mengendalikan ujian itu,,,mcm ni la lebih kurang maksudnya...insyallah moga ikatan ini terus berkekalan hingga ke syurga. Suami banyak berkorban dan moga terus member sokongan padaku selamnya...TQvery much suamiku :)

KIDS again

New semester just begin...Three of my beloved kids starts to go to school...moga semua anak2 ibu menjadi anak cemerlang dunia alhirat ameen...Firhan start to go to the Forest Field Nursery..school starts at 9 and finish at 330pm..he really loves to go to scholl and the good things are all the teachers love him too :) Mya will be almone at home with bapa and I am sure she will get more and more manja..:))

Eid Hajj 2013

We had an eid celebration here too with all malaysian students here.