Friday, October 30, 2015

Autumn 2015 - will it be the last Autumn for Us? Wallahualam...

Autumn tahun ni MUNGKIN tahun terakhir buat kami sekelu
arga sekiranya kerajaan memanggil pulang...We are actually wanna stay here longer i fact but to finish my study as soon as possible!! So many reasons to make me feel to stay here ...why? nanti jumpa la leh sembang..kat social media ni susah cerita bab2 n cons of course! I dont wanna people say something sounds 'berlagak kunun'..hukhuk....Ok..I cant write too much at this moemnt coz so many things are waiting..writing menuscript, writing my thesis, reading journals, books, it...*huwaaaaaa*...hopefully Allah give me strenght to face all these not to say obstacles infact my normal routine , my rexeki insyaAllah......enjoy view our pictures here and soon!
Time restricted! I cant able to edit those pictures which I used to...:) original pictures taken by my friend here at Notts, Suvik...spent our time with Nasi goreng Tomyam and Mee goreng at Wollatoon Deer Park next to our Univ.