Monday, December 9, 2013

VIVA-VOCE - Annual Progress for my PhD Journey

Alhamdulillah ...praise to Allah to all the strength given to me to proceed my study so far...Tak lupa doa daripada suami terchenta, bonda tersayang, adik2, anak2 dan rakan2 semua... perjalanan setahun yang banyak onakduri alhamdulillah berbuahkan hasil after a year of completion! The viva took about an hour, discussion from the panel, examiner and supervisors as well. There were questions that couldn't be answered too but fortunately being helped with my dearest supervisor Ass Prof Dr Peter Blanchfield. I felt blessed being supervised by him too.. many experiences guided mw along the journey. More to go in the next two years. PLEASE continue pray for me ya :) Ameen

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trip to Manchester - Bradford Autumn 2013

Salam..October 2013, we decided to go for a short trip to Manchester and Bradford. We went there with Hidayah and her family as well. The trip was really fun even though it just 3 days vacation. Our first stop was Bradford. Unfortunately we can't find the stuff that we wanted too, CORELLE sets!! hahahha...We proceed our journey straight to the Hotel at Manchester. The next day the main attractions we visited were: ** Al-Jazeera - makanan arab yang memang nyummy. Nasi mendi depa punya specialty. siap tapau utk dinner :) ** Moonlight - Home-made ice-cream yang super duper nyummy too. ** Pizza Co - Chicken wings ** Manchester Museum ** Mancherster University ** Etihad Stadium ** Manchester Stadium ** Miniature Train - so fun!